мар 012008

Several points that I have been marked for myself to mention:

  1. Happy Grandma Marta to everyone! 🙂 I wish to all of you to be happy and healthy during the whole year 🙂
  2. TODO: Have to describe the acknowledge of the marks that I have on the exams passed in Sheffield.
  3. TODO: Write post about the prolongation of the student rights for the master degree with three years.
  4. I am happy to introduce you the coolest program that have ever been invented: Sensiva!!!
    Unfortunately the newest version is not for free, but I found earlier version (2.5 I think), that IS, and now I am all the time enjoying my power over my servants on the computer screen – the windows!!! hahaha 🙂 This is childish I know, but I love it! 😛
    And I seriously think that the functionality that this program gives you, should be implemented as default behaviour in all the OS-es that have mouse support!!!

That’s all from me for now! Cya 🙂

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